Starway Square

Welcome to Starway Square!

Starway is an animal crossing City Folk town. The point of Starway square is to share news and events that go on in Starway! Visitors and fans of Starway can connect! You can sign up to stay in the Starway Hotel, Sign up for fashion shows, and much more. To learn more about Starway, take a look at some of our photos.

Visitng Info

To visit Starway you must schedule a time. To schedule a time you can either post on the boards or send a message to my inbox. We can schedule a time that fits your time so you can visit Starway.As of now gates are closed due to disc problems.


I have been awful about updating my few followers. My disc, as it ends up, is still broken. I am going to have to buy a new one. Until then gates are CLOSED. When gates are reopening I will be sure to update you all :)